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Angus cattle so superior they deserve to be
                                            a breed of their own!

Introduction to DaVinci Cattle

Cows produce to 16 yrs old!
Bulls breed to 10 yrs!
30-40% more feed efficient!
Less sickness & Death Loss!
Healthier & more Durable!

Better Feet, Legs & Structure!
75 days on feed 100% Choice & Better!
Cage Free!
Open Range!
Environmentally Friendly!
Carbon Neutral!

Creation of DaVinci Cattle

The separation is so staggering that experts have determined we created a different line of the Angus Breed;

DaVinci Cattle


About DaVinci Cattle

Jim and Jamie Jensen of Lucky 7 Angus created cattle genetics superior for ranchers’ profitability. Years of research & development, testing & discipline have made not only the cattlemen more profitable but have DaVinci Cattle headed in a different direction than the rest of the Angus breed. By concentrating on more functional and durable cattle. With high-end technology they became the leader in Feed Efficiency by testing for feed intake and selecting for feed conversion, gain and RFI. By creating healthier cattle, they are controlling Right Heart Failure in the feedlot. They lead the world in PAP testing at high elevation and offer the Nation’s Only 4-year Guarantee on their bulls by making more durable genetics with better feet and legs. 

Why DaVinci Cattle Are Necessary

Whereas the Elite Angus of today are created to make feedlots and packers more money, i.e. they are creating a terminal cross animal. Terminal animals, as seen in the pork, chicken and dairy industry, will cause weaker animals because of the extra growth and overfeeding. Today’s angus cattle; only produce 6-7 years, bulls breed only 1.5 years, zero Feed Efficiency Improvement, less Functional (feet & legs), Less Durable, 200 days in Mud & Muck feedlot to finish, Carbon Negative, and Worse perception by Consumers.

SUSTAINABILITY only works if ranchers make money and the consumers accept it. (DaVinci Cattle easily do both)

DaVinci Cattle are truly the only SUSTAINABLE beef on EARTH.

Calling Taylor Sheridan & Walmart Out!

Proudly owned and produced by Lucky 7 Angus
Jim & Jamie Jensen         Lucky 7 Angus
Boulder, Wyoming & Riverton, Wyoming

(307) 850-2514          (307) 850-2053
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